Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hello fellow bloggers!

Well I am finally up and running I think :-/ this is my first blog and I have set this up all by myself with a little help from Rozzy thank you!! :-) I will keep add bits and pieces including photos when I find out how lol, well here is too my first post YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!


  1. Well done for getting it up and running. Looks great. x

  2. Thank you xx got a few more bits and pieces to add yet but its getting there!! Thank you for being my First follower, I might just have a little prize for you next time I see you :-) xx

  3. well done Sam, so pleased I could help.
    You'll be fine. It does take a while getting a blog set up and you'll want to keep changing things until you are happy, but you will be fine :) xx